Goatboy Soaps, LLC began with a search for alternative food products for our severely allergic son. Bobby was able to tolerate Goat Milk and quickly became obsessed with all things goat. We happened upon Goat Milk Soap and loved what it did for our skin. When Rick returned from a business trip and announced that he would no longer travel without bringing his own soap I began my own research. I found that many Soap-makers use powdered Goat Milk rather than the real thing. In addition, many use lard and preservatives. I set out to make my family Goat Milk Soap with great natural ingredients. I used Fresh Whole Goat Milk, Olive Oil for moisture, Coconut Oil for lather and Palm Oil for a hard long lasting bar. Finally I added Shea Butter, which is just unbelievably good for your skin. We shared a few bars with friends and they began telling their friends about the wonderful, long-lasting creamy soaps. Suddenly we found ourselves in business! Our oldest son, Ryan, drew us a logo and we called the company Goatboy. I joke about a hobby gone bad! Thanks to Goatboy's obsession and a teacher who encouraged him to follow his passion we now have our own herd of dairy goats. Farmer Rick left his stressful job, followed his passion, and joined me in 2004. We have never worked harder, had more fun or met nicer people! Our goats get the finest care and premium feeds because we believe that you get out what you put in and we want the richest goats milk possible. Of course, they bathe with Goatboy Tea Tree Oil soap and we get many compliments on their beautiful coats. Try Goatboy Soap! Use it everyday because your skin deserves the best and really, life is too short to dust soap.

Lisa Agee
Goatboy Soaps