I want you to know it is the best soap that I have ever used and hope to have a long relationship with you and your product?More people need to learn about this.. Thank you for such wonderful products?


Connie C.


Your wonderful soap!

I just want to tell you how much I am STILL enjoying the wonderful soap..l. I am still using the oatmeal one- I can't believe it has lasted this long and I take a bath every night! It is the best!


Dayle E.



Great Soap!


I purchased a bar of lavender soap from you at the Bethlehem Fair on Saturday. I've used it 2 days in a row, and already, my skin feels different.  I love it!.. Thank you for developing such a lovely product.  Good luck!


Gretchen R.



Hello Lisa,


I am sure you don't remember us but we met you at the Goshen Fair a month or so back. We bought soap and also talked about selling it in our Salon. http://www.jhhair.com Jennifer's House of Hair and was wondering what kind of wholesale programs you have. Thank you in advance for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.


P.S. LOVE THE SOAP!!!!!!!!!!!


Jim Cosenza



Soap is wonderful!

Dear Lisa:


 I wanted to say that I love your goat soap! Very moisturizing and nicely

 scented! I recently was at Burr Farm in Brookfield and saw Jan putting

the soap out and was intrigued, while Jan was telling me about how you helped

 out her Girl Scout troop with soap making, I began smelling all the

 wonderful scents! Needless to say, I came out buying one for me and 3 for

 Christmas stocking stuffers!


 Thanks for making a wonderful product!


Jennifer M.




I received the box of soap last week and was delighted! You folks are

always  so generous. Colan loved the relaxing bars as I knew he would and

couldn't  wait to try one out. That is a very good thing as now that he is 12,

smelling  clean and fresh are more of a challenge!


 The lotion was especially nice too!


 Thanks again,





lip balm


Hi, a few months ago I was with friends in New Milford for a church concert and we stopped at your booth set up in the farmer's market.  I purchased some soap and one tube of lip balm.  Your soap is wonderful, however, the lip balm is the best I have ever used.  ...


Linda S.



Two thank yous are required. You gave me a bar of the unscented soap at the Wilton Grange Fair. It is truly miraculous on my very sensitive skin.  And a second thank  you for the extra bar you sent with my order.  I will be back.  Bless those little goats milk.


Nicki B.



Hi Lisa... Thanks for the excellent 'after-sale-service'; i received the lavender soaps yesterday, and... As always...  I appreciate the extras.  Your soaps will be part of my holiday packages this year, as everyone loves them.


Thanks again, neighbor...