Sake Kasu Facial Soap

Legend has it that women who worked a lifetime in Japan's Sake factories noticed that while their faces aged their hands seemed to stay young and supple.  They attributed this to the many years of working with the fermented rice mash that was the end product of making the sake.  Known as Sake Kasu, this leftover mash had been discarded until the the Japanese started to isolate the age defying enzyme and utilze it in beauty products.  Goatboy Soaps discovered a way to bring a real Sake Kasu facial soap to market!  This soap is luxurious, creamy and long lasting. Available in Japanese Yuzu (Ivory)   5 oz molded bar. 

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Sake Kasu Yuzu

An ivory molded 5 oz soap fragranced with Japanese Yuzu, a pleasant grapefruit smell...