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2 Bar Gift Set

2 of our most popular scents along with a wooden soap dish wrapped in an Organdy Bag..


4 Bar Gift Set

4 of our most popular scents attractively wrapped..


Aloe and Cucumber

Refreshing . Just another dat at the spa ahhh !..


Blueberry Pumice

A special blend of pumice and coffee grimds make this a great dirty hands soap wether working in the..


Charcoal Silk

Activated Charcoal with a light bamboo scent !..


Cherry Almond

A rich cherry scent with a hint of Almond..


Clean Greens

Crisp lettuce with a light floral scent - Who would have known ? But it works...


Cool Water

Cool Water ..... Crystal Clean..



A fruity, fun, fragrance.  Reminiscent of a gingery soda but with a great clean smell, it's jus..


Gardener's Soap

Orange Peel, Pumice, Coffee Grounds for exfoliation and cleaning. Scented with Orange and Anise esse..


Goatboy Gift Basket

Full of Goatboy products. 4 bestselling bar soaps, wooden soap dish. Email lisa@goatboy if you ..



It just smells Heavenly Light & Clean like an Angel.....


Herbal French Clay

Close yor eyes and you think your at some fancy schmancy spa and the french clay gives your razor a ..


Honey Oatmeal

Blended Oatmeal and a touch of honey gives this soap a soothing blend without any scent added..



  Spring has sprung with this clean floral scent   ..


Irish Tweed

This scent was made for Cary Grant way back when....need i say more?..



Everybody?s favorite?lavender essential oil to help you relax!..


Lavender Oatmeal

Our great Lavender with blended Oatmeal for light exfoliation...



This really smells like Lillac a fantastic floral !!! ..


Log of Your Favorite Soap

Save$$ on your own Log...equivalent to 11 Bars . List scent preference in comments section.All logs ..


Manly Man

If you have to ask your wife if you can get this it's probably not the soap for you ;)..



If you love Patchouli this is the one Ryan suggested the fun Tie Dye color! Dude what more can I say..


Raspberry Oatmeal

Raspberry Oatmeal - We started selling this at Fairs and it quickly became one of our fastest sellin..


Red Clover Tea

Goatboy's number one all time best seller. Sweet, mild and clean all at the same time...


Serious Citrus

Orange, Lemon, Lime, Tangerine and a little tangy bottom note makes this a real favorite...


Spearmint Eucalyptus

 Spearmint and Eucalyptus essential oils make this bar a great way to start the day!..


Tropical Vacation

Mango, Papaya, Lime, a little Coconut...all you need is a fresh ocean breeze and your toes in the sa..



Lisa's favorite because well, it's just plain soap. Sensitive skin will thank you!..